The Career Astronaut Competition requires the successful completion of both the Application and at lease 12 months of the Career Astronaut Online Course. You can complete the online course during the Application process. Although you are not guaranteed to be selected as a Career Astronaut Candidate, the knowledge gained through this online course will better prepare you for the Career Astronaut Candidate interview and the data collected through the Biostrap sensor that you will receive as part of the Online Training will contribute to supporting science.

As you may know, AdvancingX offers three Career Astronaut Spaceflight Certification paths:

  1. Industry-Specific (15-weeks or 12-months training)
  2. Military/Veteran (15-weeks or 12-months training)
  3. Competition (5 years part-time training)

All of our training programs offer the same professional team training. The main difference between the three training programs is cost and the amount of time invested. For example, the 15-weeks training program is 4 days of intensive training per week and the 12-month training program is 30-40 hours per month (both of these options must be paid for by your employer. The cost is dependent on the number of employees being trained.

The 5 year part-time training program (the Competition) is training during the summer months (usually July/August). To be selected as a candidate for the competition you must successfully complete at least 12 months of the Career Astronaut Online Course, complete the Application process and get selected during the interview process. If selected, training, room and board, and meals are covered by AdvancingX during the the competition (flight costs are not covered). Candidate performance is evaluated throughout the competition. Not all candidates will advance to the next stage of the competition. Candidates that are selected to advance will be notified by email.

Upon successful completion of any of the three training program you will be ready to take on space contract opportunities as a Spaceflight Certified Career Astronaut.