These online courses prepare you for the physical training, advanced courses and expectations of becoming a Career Astronaut. The knowledge gained through these online courses will benefit you during the Career Astronaut interview process. Every 30-days a new section will become available. Here are some highlights of what to expect in your monthly online courses;

  • Orientation
  • Space Psychology
  • Team Psychology
  • Aerospace Systems
  • Space Physiology
  • Environmental Survival
  • Physical/Mental Training
  • Spacesuits and Life Support Systems
  • Space Vehicle Procedural Training
  • Long Duration Space Flight
  • Working in Simulated Microgravity (Neutral Buoyancy)
  • Habitats and Lava Tunnel Enclosures

NOW that you know what to expect, let’s take a look at the technology we use to support your success, monitor your health & performance and how your participation in the Career Astronaut Online Training will contribute to the world’s largest human factors research initiative.